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Warning: contains content that others might find disturbing

Posted on: December 5, 2008

Whoa…i have been neglecting my blog so much that i didn’t even know wordpress has changed its format haha. I’ve been busy with project+work over the Sitex weekend. It was really madness for me cuz i had to deal with working @ Sitex, handing in my part for the grp essay and also roving on Fri night for the Anti-drinkdriving campaign. Didn’t help that my grpmate was pressing me to ‘revamp’ my part when i alr had NO time to do so & work @ Sitex really sucked 😦

I’ve been feeling very strained lately –  i feel like a rubber band that’s pulled so tight it’s gonna snap & break any moment. There has been alot of disappointments recently & i just feel very tired emotionally & physically, especially after crying. I’ve gone back to inflicting physical pain on myself so that somehow i can be distracted from my emotional worries. *sigh* I thought i’d kicked that habit long ago when i erased that certain someone from my mind but apparently things have happened to trigger this habit again. I’m not well I know. I have alot of baggage and i’m emotionally fragile so really, stop hurting me already. Whether it’s deliberate or not, whether ur genuinely sorry abt the mistakes u’ve made – it doesn’t matter cuz the damage is done. I cannot afford any more room for ur ‘mistakes’.

Sorry to everyone who has to read this – i just really need to vent my frustrations & there’s no better place than here on my blog.


1 Response to "Warning: contains content that others might find disturbing"

i really do not know wat to say… but such actions probably wouldnt help in relieving watever u are going thru… i aint in no position either to be advising but do know that there are pple around u who would be heart broken to know that u doing such a thing to urself… even strangers like me would be affected and wanting to help if we could but we could not… guess its only self help but hey… u have always got pple supporting u around so hope u get outta it fast and dont… pls dont inflict anything on urself again alrit

*smile and the world smiles with you*

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