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Work + More Work + Project…

Posted on: November 26, 2008

It’s 4.40 am & i’m not sleeping not bcuz i’m suffering from insomnia, but bcuz i’m supposed to be writing my part of the group essay which constitutes 40% of our total grade. The thing is, i’m feeling damn alert but i’m not inspired abt what to write for my essay. My mind is like all over the place cuz of the coffee i drank – caffeine always makes me hyper 8O.

Anyway probably everyone i knew bombed at the quiz we had on Mon. The first thing i said to Tuesday when i came out of the lecture hall was ‘I think we all underestimated this quiz’. That was bcuz we were told it was gonna be ‘very easy’ (I quote my lecturer on this) & bcuz the lecturers would usually be lenient since this was an intensive 2 week module and we can’t possibly cram all that knowledge when we also had to do a ppt presentation + a grp essay during this short span of time. I actually studied for the quiz & i found it tough so i can imagine what it was like for the ppl who didn’t really study. So to get our distinctions, the only hope now is to score damn well for the remaining grp essay. *cross fingers*


We had to use 2B pencils for the MCQ part of the quiz & the only ones i could find were these old-sch types. Even my sharpener is so ‘vintage’! Wahaha.

I even went for a somewhat ‘prep’ look for school that day:


Polo Tee + Hairband šŸ˜€

Will be working for Sitex from Thurs to Sun & i’m not looking forward to it cuz it’ll be crowded, busy & tiring. Plus i gotta finish my essay but where got time seriously? Sitex is from 11am-9pm and by the time i reach home i’ll be exhausted. I’ve to do the anti-drinkdriving roving on Fri nite after Sitex as well…. But $$ is impt – especially since ‘recession’ is very much on my mind recently so i think we shd just earn what we can even if certain jobs may not pay as well as they used to šŸ˜¦ In fact i didn’t even buy anything when i went shopping with my sis today except for a new makeup pouch. Next yr’s new yr resolution No. 1 – Must cut down on unnecessary expenses/Must save $$$.

Look out for more New yr resolutions….


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really… you look very cute!!!

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