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Update: 17 Nov-23Nov

Posted on: November 24, 2008

♥I’ve realised the frequency of my updates has dropped to abt once a week (maybe less) but i’ve really been preoccupied with work+school+etc etc…

Was busy with the ppt presentation the past wk – I watched Jack Neo’s ‘Money No Enough 1’ as part of our project work as we’ve chosen Jack Neo films as our contemporary culture text. FYI: ‘text’ is just the term to mean ‘subject’ in pop culture context. Anyway watching his films for analysis is just part of what we had to do for our presentation & thank goodness we got to choose our own topic. Imagine if we got assigned to boring topics such as anime or bollywood! Wa lao. No offense but those topics r not my cup of tea 😛

Had my usual anti drink-driving roving on Fri nite, we ended early as the timing was pushed forward but nonetheless i was super tired on Sat morning when i had to wake up at 7am to get to class at 9am. We had to draw lots for our presentation timeslot & since Sam had to work halfday on Sat, we could only get the afternoon slots and it was pretty lucky for us that we drew the 2pm slot. Everyone wanted to get the am slots since they could just leave after their presentation but for us we had to wait for Sam to arrive so by the time we ended it was abt 2.30pm. Ok la, better than staying all the way til 5pm. Oh  we scored a High D for the presentation!!! Yippee!!! Thanks for the great work project peeps! Next up let’s work hard for our essay as well!!! 😀

I dropped by my cuz’s place in the middle of the week to get something from her & i was really happy to see my nieces. Amber is still SOOOooooo kawaii~ from the mmses my cuz sends us i always thought she was quite big alr….haha but she’s not – she’s still a tiny tot & she can’t even really crawl very well & she’s abit shy ard unfamiliar ppl. She starts crying if her mom or gran is outasite, & i’m like ‘oh no! what do i do?!’ haha.


She’s wearing the striped romper i bought her when she was abt 1 or 2 mths old.  Obviously she outgrew it by now but she wears it as a top now 😛


Charlize’s the older girl & she’s getting a little better with ppl cuz she used to be quite aloof & a lil’ rude. *oops* She was visibly perky that day probably cuz i bribed her with a whole pack of Lindt chocs. Kids. So easily contented. How i wish i could be like that.

Something else happened someday during the week & i dun wish to elaborate here but it was something that really upsetted me (haha i know there’s no such word as upsetted but i like to use it anyway). It’s been a long time since i last felt so upset that i just cried and stopped, cried & stopped & i didn’t even eat anything the whole day afterwards. My eyes were damn puffy when i went to sch the next day & I got Dusk to take over my presentation part since i was only doing a short introduction anyway. Thk goodness for him cuz he was like, ‘i can tell from ur eyes lor so i also cannot bear to ask u to do the presentation.’ Anyway am feeling much better now.

Gotta mug for my quiz tmr now…more updates next time!

*i’m all outta faith, this is how i feel…*


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