I bitch & gripe all i like!

Friday nite’s anti-drinkdriving went pretty well. We went to Clarke Quay (which is like our old haunt from last yr) & ‘ambushed’ 4 bars. Well, not really ‘ambush’ for real, cuz we already had permission from the management of those bars to let us in so they were alr expecting us. The patrons probably were the surprised ones but most of them were really ‘on’ abt the whole ‘if u drink dun drive’ spiel, which is great 🙂 Plus i didn’t get ‘molested’ this time, har har. The most was probably a few ‘over-friendly’ angmohs, but 2 of them were actually not too bad-looking in the mature sorta way…but sorry! I still like Asian men 😛 Shino even made a damn funny & lewd comment: ‘Once u go black, u can never go back’. Errr whatever that refers to i leave it to all u readers’ imagination!

As expected i couldn’t wake up in time for class the next morning. To reach sch on time @ 9am, that would mean i’d have to leave my place @ 7.30am, which would mean i have to wake up to get ready @ 6.30am 😯 . I did manage to arrive for the 2nd half of class but seriously i dun think i would have missed anything impt cuz the lecturer was just reading off the ppt slides. Duh. I wouldn’t have bothered showing up for class if not for the fact that we needed to have a discussion on the grp project.

As i’ve mentioned i’ve some new grp members this time round & they’re really interesting ppl. Huifang was someone i’ve noticed since the start of sch last yr cuz she’s very vocal & sounds very smart & dynamic so i’m pretty happy to have her in my grp. She’s a really funny character too…cuz she admonishes us for all the little things that r ‘wrong’ to her like smoking (NOT me cuz i dun smoke), but she did chatise me for my lack of trust & faith in men & relationships. She was like ‘u gotta have trust what!’. Ya right. Trust. That’s like asking me to believe i’m gonna strike Toto next week. *rolls eyes* No offense, i admire Huifang’s positivity but i’m just very pessimistic by nature.

Next week might be a pretty busy one. We gotta start doing a powerpoint presentation & everything must be ready by sat. Then we have to study for an individual quiz on the following monday. *pengz*


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Try to look at things from the positive side..you will feel happier in a way.

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