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Busy but i feel empty

Posted on: November 14, 2008

Haven’t been regular in my updates recently. Started my new module ‘Contemporary Popular Culture’ this week & i’ve been kinda busy since this is an ‘intensive’ module – meaning everything has to be covered within a span of 2 weeks including a grp presentation, an individual quiz & a grp project essay.

The lessons itself are pretty interesting, & i have a new project grp this module since we’ve been split into 2 diff tutorial grps & Tuesday, Yanling + Ali r in the other tutorial grp. I kinda like my new grp members compared to the other grp i had for the last intensive module. No offense, but i think my new project folks r more driven, vocal & smart so it definitely seems promising! Gonna miss class today though, due to the anti drink-driving campaign being pushed to an earlier timeslot tonight. And there’s class for the whole of tmr as well. *Sigh*

I know i dun sound very enthusiastic abt sch & my life in general and that’s right. I’m NOT. I’m trying to find passion & enthusiasiusm in my life & i hope to share everything with someone but i haven’t been very successful. My spirit, my fire, my optimism, my happiness has been dampened so many times & each time my hopes r raised only to result in MORE disappointment.

To digress, here r pics taken during last wk’s anti-drinkdriving nite out:


Not a very gd pic but this is the cap we’re giving away for this campaign. Mind u, our objective is not to just simply hand out free merchandise – we seriously want to spread the word that ‘If u drink dun drive’! 🙂


I took this pic after realising that Shino & i were wearing VERY similar tanktops! Haha he looks damn gay la 😛

Everything went pretty much smoothly last wk. The only thing i disliked was going into the bars cuz the music is really too loud indoors which makes it very difficult for us to communicate with the patrons inside the bars. Plus i got groped cuz the place was really crowded. I felt someone grab my butt and it was definitely on purpose cuz the hand also made a squeeze, if u get what i mean. What to do? The place is so packed & when u turned around u can only see all the ppl crowding together so u can’t catch the culprit anyway.

Hope it’s gonna be a great night later on…then i’m gonna go home early & go for class @ 9am on a Saturday 😦


4 Responses to "Busy but i feel empty"

babe… things will only get better when things seem down… have fun during work and hey… i can understand the kinda feel for saturday classes… but wats worst is work for 7 days for 3 weeks straight…

thks…but recently it’s been so difficult to remain upbeat & positive…so much bad news recently, even our economy is gloomy:(

yeah… in a way… pardon me for saying this but esp for u who is about to grad rite? nx year? tough job market nowadays… but then again… sometimes… we just have to “always look on the bright side of life” coz only when yar more postive then things might get better… power of attraction… staying positive begets good rewards most of the time…

thx but i’m not really concerned abt the job mrkt…no intentions to look for a job after graduation anyway, not right away at least.

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