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I seriously think some ppl can be so selfish, rude & blardy inconsiderate & one of these types of ppl r queue-cutters. I hate them the MOST out of all the different types of irritating ppl u can find & I hate them with a vengeance & i always curse & swear at such idiots whenever they try & ‘cut queue’. I know ur in a rush & u hate having to wait but so does everyone else so what makes u special?! Do i look like i have nothing better to do and so i join a queue just to let u cut in front of me for fun? Do i look like a blardy pushover?

I was waiting behind this elderly malay ‘macik’ for a cab when this stupid lady appeared in front of us and started pretending to be engrossed in her phone conversation whilst she flagged for a cab. She simply pretended to be so engrossed in talking that she did not see me or the macik who’s been waiting for a cab for quite a while under the hot afternoon sun. I was damn pissed off that i shouted at her ‘wa lao! ch*b*i cut queue!’ & for a moment i could tell i startled her as she got her fat arse into the cab. It’s bad enough that she cut my queue, but at least she shd have given consideration to the macik who has been waiting for quite long. But obviously such ppl lack consideration for others cuz they’re plain rude & selfish. Morons.

Anyway on to my daily updates. Had a job briefing on Wed for this year’s anti-drink driving campaign & it was like a reunion of sorts. Almost everyone who did the last campaign were present – Gary, Shino, Ian & Patience & i’m so happy that we’ll all be working together again! If anyone can recall, we were a bunch of ‘angels’ who went around different nightspots spreading the msg that ‘if u drink, dun drive.’ The wings this yr would be smaller, which is a gd thing for us, since i kept bumping into things with my wings the last time haha. Didn’t really like the dress though, cuz it’s shapeless & the belt they provided just looked abit ‘off’ with the dress. But at the end of the day what matters most is to spread the word abt responsible drinking. Not to sound preachy or ‘elitist’ here, but i really am TOTALLY against drink driving & drink-drivers are another kind of ppl that i abhor cuz if u dun treasure ur life, at least pay heed to other ppl who want to live their lives.

Then it was a movie on Thurs. Went to catch ‘Tropic Thunder’ & it was pretty farnee. Lame but farnee I like ūüėõ The fake trailers they made in the show were hilarious & Tom Cruise’s cameo was great. I didn’t recognise him until halfway thru & i think he was fantastic even though he was fat & hairy & he had really bad dance moves ūüėÄ Also managed to satisfy my craving for Thai Express & Crystal Jade porride on the same day too! *YUM* Now i feel like eating prawn noodles from Geylang…

Only one more week to go & its back to sch…ugh! Can i dun go???


Been kinda slow with my updates recently…due to work+friends+shopping+flu-_-”

Spent almost¬†the whole of yesterday in bed sleeping off the flu bug. My throat was already¬†acting up on Sat but¬†the flu only¬†started when i woke up¬†on Sun.¬†The first thought that came to my mind was ‘sh*t.can’t go jogging again…’ cuz i’ve been getting lazy & i really want to kickstart my usual¬†jogging routine before i get too comfortable & stop exercising altogether. Arghhhh…..fats can’t wait!

Had a shoot on Fri for a certain magazine. Shall not disclose all the details til later. I felt a little intimidated at first cuz all the other models i saw were ‘ang-mohs’ but i soon got over my apprehensions as the stylist and makeup artist were real friendly ppl. I really love what they did to my hair!

¬†The curls rock! So different from my straight hair but it’s a hassle to use the curling tong if i want to create this hairstyle. I’m too lazyP

The shoot went smoothly & thus finished earlier than i had anticipated so i was able to meet my sis for a shopping spree afterwards. Felt like super long ago since i went shopping as well as hung out with my sis & it was a ‘fruitful’ trip haha…if u get what i mean.

Was supposed to meet Mr. X¬†for a movie on thurs but he cancelled on me cuz he came down w a cold+mild fever. I was super disappointed cuz i was almost all ready to leave my place & then it was all for nothing. I called dusk to complain…actually it was more like to scream at him cuz i couldn’t scream at someone who was sick so i could only vent my disappointment & frustration at someone else. Poor dusk.¬†But i’m really appreciative¬†that he¬†always listens to my crap & for pointing out the error of my ways when i overthink things & become irrational. Anyway i went out on my own later cuz i had an appt @ Pink Parlor then i went shopping which successfully detracted me from my earlier unhappiness.

Met up with Liping on Wednesday for dinner when she finished work. Poor girl. She’s always so busy with work now that i rarely get to see her! We had Pizza Hut and then we went to walk around Tampines Mall…it’s surprising how we girls can still find things to buy when we’re just ‘walking around’ haha ūüėÄ As usual she likes to bug me abt my ‘status’ with Mr. X but my answer remains¬†the same because i’m still not ready to commit myself YET cuz i have alot of issues & baggage & i dun wish to complicate things by jumping the gun.

Last but not least, my hamsters had babies again! My mom is like a ‘breeder’ for hamsters now cuz they just keep reproducing every 3 weeks or so…after which we pass them on to my uncle who sells them @ his aquarium shop, but only after¬†they grow bigger first.

¬†This is just how tiny they are….soooooo cute right?!

¬†Anybody who’s interested in buying these hamsters can drop me a msg, cuz my uncle sells them much cheaper than Pet Safari (they sell @ $20). Only animal lovers pls! Cuz i know of some ppl who rear snakes & buy the hamsters as food for the reptiles & i do not want that happening to my babies!

Hi peeps!

Feel free to visit my new blog www.lilmsbitchy.blogspot.com & ur welcome to leave ur comments on which blog u prefer. The new blog is not exactly complete yet but once i gather enough feedback, i might shift my all my blogging to the new account instead. Cheers!

Just came back from the chalet & it did turn out pretty well after all, despite the fact that only Winnie & i went. We had a great time gossiping & bitching with Candice as well as Vanessa (who came later @ abt 10pm) and before we knew it, it was already 1am & we almost didn’t want to leave. We had to cuz Vanessa had sch + presentation in the morning the next day.

There was also a magician at the chalet & he obviously entertained us with alot of tricks. If not for him the chalet might have been a lil’ boring & i admit his tricks were pretty good cuz try as i might, i just¬†can’t SEE how he did itP He ended his ‘performance’ at ard 10pm and that was when¬†Winnie, Candice and me started talking away, and Vanessa who joined us later when she came.

We talked abt our jobs, the hazards of getting stalked by weird ‘fans’, we talked abt fortune telling & horoscopes, we talked abt men and our relationship issues & alot of other stuff that i can’t list them all here…but everytime i tell ppl MY story, MY experience, i feel almost like i’m reliving a nightmare, like i’m digging open my old wounds and¬†making myself vulnerable again.

I dun want to sound like a sad case here, but nobody can really know how bad it was. Maybe to other ppl it’s just a relationship that turned sour, it’s not as if someone died or something, but i did feel that something died that day. A part of me really really died. Everytime i relate my experience i get teared up and choked up and the pain i went thru¬†would well up in me again. I can still remember the details so clearly, each word that i said and he said, every¬†moment he disappointed me again and again¬†until i finally come to realise that¬†HE will never change¬†and i have to learn to let go. I showed them the faint physical scars that remained and it felt like the emotional scars hadn’t quite gone away too.

*Because of u i never stray too far from the sidewalk, because of u i learn to play on the safe side so i dun get hurt. Because of u i try my hardest just to forget everything, because of u i dunno how to let anyone else in. Because of u i’m ashamed of my life because it’s empty, because of u i am afraid…because of u*

He turned me into a jaded cynic who can never afford her trust & faith in anything anymore. I know i was the one who misplaced my love & faith on someone who can never reciprocate even a little so this is a lesson he taught me and in a twisted way, i guess maybe i shd thank him for teaching me a life lesson i’ll never forget. After all, what doesn’t kill u is supposed to make u stronger right?

Supposed to go for a chalet gathering later on, but i’m somewhat¬†not as¬†enthused abt going¬†now that ¬†June said she’s not going cuz of exams-_-‘ *sigh* Hopefully it’ll still be fun if the other gals turn up as well.

Mr. X bought me some stuff from his recent trip to Taipei, the usual fattening stuff such as chocolates and the local tidbits…plus THIS!

It’s some character called ‘domokun’ or something…i’ve nvr seen or heard of this creature before & it’s supposed to look menacing but i told Mr. X it looks like poop cuz it’s dark brown in color haha! I decided to rename it Chomp Chomp cuz its teeth looks like it’s ready to chomp on something & X¬†commented that it’s¬†similar to¬†me – cuz i like to bite ppl! ūüėõ

I also got Mr. X to buy me some skincare products while he was there, cost me like 150bucks for just the moisturising serum & eye gel so they had better be good for my skin! I really wanna fly to Taipei myself for a holiday…i wanna eat & shop, eat & shop~

*sometimes i run, sometimes i hide, sometimes i’m scared of u. But all i really want is to hold u tight, treat u right, be with u day & night…baby all i need is time*

Although i love indulging in lazing at home with nothing to do,¬†i can’t¬†help but feel boredom striking now. I stayed home on Fri and yesterday as well, i’ve run out of books & mags to read and there’s nothing gd on TV…*yawns* I tried to finish the last 4 episodes of Gossip Girl season 1 so that i can¬†perhaps get started on season 2 but i just couldn’t sit thru the show…*fidget*

Sometimes it feels really boring when ur on holidays but everyone else u know seems to be busy with work or they’re not in town. I can always go out on my own but i’m too friggin lazy cuz that means i have to shower and get dressed and look presentable…to go out alone. Duh. Oh well a chalet is coming up this wk so hopefully it’ll be somewhat fun¬†to bitch & gossip with the girls who turn up! I¬†must also¬†go shopping within this coming week, and watch a movie with my mom too. No more boredom!

*Where r u? Taipei? Paris? Everywhere but just not here.*

Take care of your health (your post for nissan show)

Between You and Jason Ngim

Today at 12:43am
No point being angry with such people. Keep yourself happy is more important than anything.
Thanks for the advice and i know cuz everyone tells me the same thing. That there’s no point getting so angry & unhappy cuz the $$ is gone anyway. But i can’t help it cuz it’s so goddamn unfair. When i woke up this morning i could still feel a tinge of annoyance that ppl can be so unethical. Such is the cruelty of reality. *sigh* I could have given that $100+ to my mum cuz i know i dun get to give her money often due to the instability of my income and yet¬†this money went¬†into the pockets¬†of¬†some blood-sucking ppl instead. F**K.
Anyways, a photographer was kind enough to take this picture of me during my most recent photoshoot:
I wanted to take a pic of my tongue stud which is in the shape of a star @ the bottom which is SO cute~
My previous plain stud went into my digestive system and out of it (i hope!) cuz i swallowed it. It¬†just came loose whilst i was talking and rolled down my tongue and slid into my throat. I paused, choked for like a mili-second, and with a ‘gulp’ i swallowed it. I burst out in laughter after that cuz it was really so damn farnee to me & my friend was like super concerned. He was like ‘what’s wrong? what happened?’¬†cuz i was laughing so hard. By this time the tongue stud shd have been passed out, not that i bothered checking my poop to see if it’s thereP
I guess its the random sh*t such as swallowing my own stud that provides some much needed comic-relief in my otherwise boring crappy life.

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