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Was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago…so,

What is PASSION?

Is it the spine-tingling feeling u get when he’s near?

Do u feel like u can’t catch ur breath when he holds u close?

Do u feel swept away or completely bowled over?

Do u feel this unexplainable connection btwn the 2 of u, as though as ur 2 pieces of the same puzzle?

I think the older i get, the more indifferent i become. I no longer feel passion where there seems to be sparks flying in the air caused by sizzling chemistry. I’ve become so jaded because of YOU.

YOU broke my heart, YOU took advantage of my feelings for u, YOU walked out on me without any explanation so many times i’ve lost count, YOU deleted me from ur life as though i was just another contact no. in ur phonebk, YOU lied to me, YOU destroyed my faith and all my hopes, YOU selfish a**hole.

I digress.

Anyway my definiton of passion is so unpassionate. I think as long as 2 people feel contented together & they dun even need words cuz even their silence is comfortable, that’s more than enough.


I need to learn how to find bliss in mundane-ness. Everytime life gets mundane (aka boring), i feel restless…& my overactive mind keeps dwelling on negative stuff, which is really unhealthy for my mental state of mind. My imagination goes into hyper mode, & i can actually concoct all sorts of unlikely scenarios in my head, with the scenes playing by sequence in my head, plus the lines of what each character in my scenarios wld say! haha…i think i see a career option here for me…scriptwriter!!! 😛

Anyway i did something totally out of character on Thursday cuz i actually went down to the Comex show on Thursday with a fren as he wanted to check out some geeky IT stuff>.< I felt damn crappy cuz the place was damn packed with ppl, & IT gadgets r totally NOT my thing, so apologies to my fren for the lousy company~~though i already warned him that i HATE such things & i wld be bitchy, so not my fault.

I had a pretty gd lunch with my fren to make up for it though (his treat since i accompanied him to the Comex fair), discovered this place Shokudo @ the basement of Raffles City which is like the Japanese version of Marche! I lurrrve this sorta places cuz i like variety in my meals & having the option to choose many types of food so here’s what we had:

My char-siew ramen…only one piece of charsiew 😦

Cha-soba + gyoza…FYI, the gyoza wasn’t very gd…

Curry rice…quite yummy!

We had dessert as well, thick toast topped with macha ice-cream & red beans…which i forgot to take a picture of. Anyway the toast was disappointing, so my advice is to get the waffle instead. I will definitely go back there again!!!

I foresee a mad rush to complete my project for the next 2 weeks…*bleah*

*I feel super flawed, insecure & inferior. Will the real princessbiatch pls stand up?!*

Went to catch ‘4Bia’ yesterday & it was actually not too bad. Not ‘shutter class’, to quote a friend, but definitely better than many of the recent horror movies.

It’s been a long time since i got freaked after watching a horror film. Last time i remembered i got really spooked was after watching ‘Ju-On’, a jap horror abt a little boy with a white face=/ In fact i got so terrorized by the show that i couldn’t sleep for several days & that was even with the lights on haha. Thus how good a horror film is can be measured by how much loss of sleep i suffered thereafter. And after watching ‘4Bia’, i couldn’t sleep last night as well. I hid under the covers all the way til 3+ in the am, then went to turn on the lights, which made my sis complain…but too bad! I was really scared.

I’m thinking of changing my mobile number AGAIN. AGAIN as in this isn’t the first time i thought of changing my number, but i foresee that i will still decide NOT to change it cuz i like my phone number & it’s been the same one for YEARS & i don’t want to go thru the blardy trouble of informing every single one of my frens of the change.

But i am definitely not amused by the stupid prank calls i get. People who call from private lines & just keep quiet when i answer. People who call claiming to know me when i have no clue who they r & i just end up wondering how the hell they got my contact number.

So whoever u are who called me today – I am NOT amused. First of all, i do not know u at all. Secondly i do not club so it is HIGHLY unlikely that u met me @ a club. Thirdly, i have NEVER been to Dragonfly in my entire life so its IMPOSSIBLE, i repeat, IMPOSSIBLE that i gave u my number there cuz i’ve never been there in the 1st place! So i dun wish to hear from u in future! If it’s a prank it’s not the least bit funny SO DUN WASTE MY TIME.

Anyway work this weekend was gd, cuz i get to make a new fren…gossiping & bitching with June was so fun! Glad that we ‘clicked’ haha! 😀

Sigh. Life has been so peaceful (i.e. DULL) that i have no inspiration when it comes to blogging!

School has been boring but it’s the calm before the storm cuz as we all know, the stress levels start to soar once the project deadline starts nearing (which is exactly 3 weeks away from now).

With the end of summer blockbuster season, choices of films at the cinema are getting pathetic as well. There is absolutely NOTHING that i’m interested in watching! Arghhh…i’m so friggin bored=/ But I might catch the Thai horror anthology ‘4Bia’ cuz it’s got some pretty good reviews. Whatever. I dun mind some cheap scares 😛

Even work this weekend doesn’t sound exciting.

Can anyone reading this tell that I’M SO BOOORRREDDD?!!! Sigh.

*It wasn’t me who made u a happier person. It just happened to be me.*

i hate beer….give me my margaritas & cosmos anytime!

Went to Brewerkz for drinks with Dusk & co last night & i did not like the place cuz the beer & grub were overpriced & i hate beer anyway. The fruit beer was pretty ok but the Pilsner tasted like cat’s piss man…really regretted choosing that:(

But as usual it wasn’t a total loss (to me) cuz crappy drinks aside, it’s the company i really enjoy – just kicking back & talking cock with a bunch of frens. I had an early night cuz the rest wanted supper+mahjong, & i dun play mahjong, which is a GOOD thing cuz i’m a blardy SORE loser haha!

*i’m so goddamn jaded.*


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My ‘interview’ with Mocca.com….wahaha:P

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