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Qn: What’s a super ‘heaty’ dinner?

Ans: Milo Dinosaur+Kambing (mutton) soup+Durian!!!

¬†1st time i had a Milo Dinosaur with rainbow sprinkles & a longan ūüėĮ i didn’t eat the longan though…haha

Me & my ‘kor kor’ toasting with our Milo Dinosaur! wahaha

¬†camwhoring opportunity…

After dinner my family went over to my uncle’s aquarium shop nearby…there r alot of yucky stuff there such as…

 worms! eewwww! *bleah*

¬†frogs…they kinda gross me out. I will never eat ÁĒįťł°Á≤• EVER.

I think the customers in the shop must be thinking i’m one strange girl, squatting on the floor & peering into the tanks & boxes of worms and frogs and whatnot & even taking pictures as well.¬†But as long as these creatures remain¬†IN¬†the boxes i’m pretty fascinated by them. But i’ll scream¬†& run away¬†should they escape! *shudders*

At the supermarket later, i saw this…

¬†For a moment i thought it was ‘goldfish’ flavor! *bleah*

*can’t wait for saturday!*


 Winnie & me camwhoring whilst waiting for the lift:P

¬†…& with Christine as well.

We went for a casting for the upcoming WCG & working there wld probably mean wearing another skimpy outfit & freezing in the airconditioned exhibition hall for 4 days straight Рafter which i usually fall sick with a common cold + sore throat. Note to self: must drink more H2o during work.

I’m feeling rather sad cuz sch is starting in less than a wk’s time:(

I still haven’t slacked enough yet. so many movies & dramas to watch, so much shopping i haven’t done, +manicure & pedicure…i really dun feel like going back to sch, even though this module sounds fun – News Studies. Weird huh? A ‘bimbo’ who reads things other than fluff. Haha. But seriously, the role of the press & media¬†has always been somewhat¬†contentious. Ultimately¬†they can be a powerful weapon¬†& can¬†lead to anarchy¬†without proper control. Which is why censorship is a necessary evil.

I digress. I shd be complaining abt how much i dislike sch instead of sounding suitably inspired for my next module, since that wld be damn ironic!

*The 7 things I hate about you
Oh you…
You’re vain, your games, you‚Äôre insecure
You love me you like her
You make me laugh, you make me cry
I don’t know which side to buy
Your friends, they’re jerks
When you act like them, just know it hurts
I want to be with the one I know,
And the 7th thing, I hate the most that you do
You make me love you*

Went karaoke-ing with Dusk & Kin on fri (yesterday)…but somehow i think all 3 of us weren’t in the ‘mood’ to sing…esp since i was still down with abit of runny nose…damn xianz=/

¬†The guys belting it out…haha…prob in the middle of an emo song:D

Went on to meet Liping for a movie in the evening but in the end we didn’t manage to catch the show…i cannot believe that ‘Hancock’ would be sold out at the possibly last wk of the screening! WHAT THE HELL. If i had known i would have bought the tix first since i was in town the entire day but i just didn’t expect the movie to still be sold out after so many weeks of screening. *BLEAH*

We proceeded to have our dinner @ Mushroom pot…so be warned…more pictures of food & camwhoring¬†coming up!

 My spicy beef ramen set complete with ribs, mushroom salad + one piece of watermelon haha!

¬†The food wasn’t superb or anything…so-so only.

 Me vegging out @ TCC later on

¬†The dessert’s called ‘Dark Devotion’…but not very satisfying cuz it’s a bit small~!

Though we didn’t manage to watch ‘Hancock’, it wasn’t a total loss cuz we still had our usual girltalk¬†abt life, work,¬†men, fashion,¬†bad hair days etc etc &¬†the¬†quote¬†of the day was ‘it’s called a breakup cuz its BROKEN’. Actually that was the title of a self-help bk i was reading @ Kinokuniya recently…i really read alot of fluff:D But i find that quote so TRUE anyway.

I wanna watch ‘The Mummy’!!!


Baby amber came over to my house today & she’s grown so much!!! When she was barely a month old, her face was the size of a filet-o-fish but now it’s more like a Big Mac wahaha! But she is SOOoooo super adorable…

¬†see? she’s so cute & fat!

But i really can’t take it when babies start wailing…arghhh…i looked at amber & i was like “can u please shut up?!” & she looked at me for one moment, then cried even harder!!! *bleah*

My family, with my cousin + 3 nieces in tow, went for a hearty dinner…the crabs were damn big!

¬†ŤěÉŤüĻÁĪ≥Á≤Č…one of my fave dishes~~yummy!

¬†look @ the size of the crab’s claw next to my face…& u can imagine how big it was8-O

¬†This is Charlize my other niece…she’s got really nice curly hair! she was really eager when the ŤěÉŤüĻÁĪ≥Á≤Č arrived haha…

 Me entertaining amber whilst waiting for the food to arrive, or rather she entertaining me wahaha:D

I love kids, as long as they’re not mine!8-O

*if u can’t forget the one who got away, then can u love the one ur with?*

This will be a somewhat super-summarised entry as i haven been blogging for quite a few days & there are too many things to write abt.

Work over the weekend @ the Kia roadshow was super painful on the feet…everytime i took off my boots & massaged my feet, the soles were purple in color…can u imagine?!!! Purple! I even spent $16 on a pair of gel inserts from Guardian pharmacy which promised to ‘relieve tired & aching feet with combined heel & balls of foot cushioning’ but it was f**king useless. The pain persisted for a few days so i had to lay off my jogging for a few days. I’m so in need of a pedicure now=/

Caught Dark Knight yesterday & to quote the Joker, my reaction to this movie is – “Why so serious?”. I know Batman is all mysterious & brooding & somewhat tortured so i expected the film to be dark & somber but i generally prefer films which dun try to do & say too much in¬†a span of 2 hrs+. Which is why i personally prefer Ironman and Hellboy2 to Dark Knight. But that’s just my subjective opinion. Heath Ledger was devilishy gd as the Joker and thus i can safely say he wasn’t overrated in all the hype surrounding this movie due to his untimely demise & all. Edison Chen, u only appeared for like 3 seconds…duh!

Went to Kinokuniya this afternoon…i miss the place! Haven¬†been there in quite awhile & i really needed to get my fix of Japanese &¬†Chinese mags…cuz i¬†think local mags suck. No point reading local thrash. There were quite a few chick-lits bks i wanted to buy, but $30 for a chicklit novel is seriously kinda over-priced.¬†It’s called “Love the one ur with” by Emily Giffin.¬†Am gonna try getting it from those dingy¬†2nd-hand bkshops. 8-O¬†

*I feel like running away from all the uncertainty & insecurities*

*Being alone = being free*

Arghhh!!! I’ve fallen sick:(

Repeated sneezing+runny/intermitten blocked nose+sore throat+body aches = a very touchy, irritable amanda.

I usually believe in self-medication but my mom made me see a doctor cuz i have to work tmr & over the weekend as well…i hope¬†i can hold up til at least sunday night after the event ends. *cross fingers*

Anyway i¬†finally managed to go shopping yesterday with the bargain queen herself, Belinda!!! We had alot of fun not just shopping, but also bitching & griping abt life &¬†men etc etc…i was telling her¬†how¬†i really felt like bashing up a certain someone¬†&¬†totally¬†giving him the thrashing of¬†HIS pathetic life if i¬†lay my eyes on¬†that worthless bastard ever again. I will use all my strength, all my force, all my¬†rage, to focus on attacking every single part of¬†that disgusting shell he calls a ‘body’¬†and i intend to break at least 2 of his teeth even if it means breaking my fingers first. I will¬†do whatever it takes to utterly humiliate this vermin which is the¬†lowest lifeform of a homo sapien¬†that has ever existed.

I curse him too.¬†One day, he will get run over by a car but he won’t DIE cuz that would be too easy for that a**hole. He will survive this horrific car accident, but he will be paralysed totally and spend the rest of his miserable life confined¬†to a bed¬†where he will have ample time to think abt all the bad things he had ever done and wonder if it’s retribution. I will visit him, bring him lovely flowers, & then tell him softly in his ear – “yes this IS retribution.”

I am evil, vindictive and scary. This is what happens when u screw with my frens. Be warned.

On a lighter note, here r some pics from our girl-bonding excursion:

¬†i’m blocking her a lil…love ya babe!

¬†I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually pretty gd! *yum* will go there again next time to whack the desserts:D

Looking forward to the next shopping expedition & watching ‘Dark Knight’…i wanna see what the hype is all abt.

¬†Camwhoring in the toilet…of ALL places! haha


 Group photo time! Amber, Winnie, myself & Ashley:)

 Ashley, me & Amber

 My individual shot Рevery event must have one.

Whilst our photos look all fun & all smiles, i just wish to reiterate that our job as showgirls is not just to pose & look pretty & do nothing. I know some ppl think its bimbotic, easy, & perhaps all glitz¬†& glamor but what ppl dun see is the aching sore feet we get from standing & walking in those high heels the whole day, the freezing aircon temperatures,¬†the creepy uncles who try to peep when we bend down or worse, take upskirt photos, and sometimes, our pay doesn’t even come in til a month or two later.

*so for those ppl who like to bitch & label us as materialistic, attention-seeking, high-maintenance sluts etc, pls F**K off cuz i dun give a damn what ugly ppl has to say!

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