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Despite my plan to start studying for my exam TODAY(refer to my earlier blog entry), i have failed to do so not bcuz of procrastination, but bcuz of work.

YES i’ve decided to squeeze in 2 days of work(tmr included) & just study extra harder the next few days & pray that i still do reasonably well for my exam. *crosses fingers*

Dinner @ Chomp Chomp was kinda funny, to say the least. Imagine minutes after getting an outdoor seat, there was a sudden downpour & stubborn as i was…i refused to budge until i was half-drenched…& then i realised that the rain wasn’t gonna stop anytime soon. There were no seats indoors as well, cuz those ppl who alr finished eating also dun wanna budge from their seats cuz it was still pouring outside. I also realised that i suck at getting tables cuz some eagle-eyed auntie would just appear out of nowhere & stake their claim once an empty table was available…these aunties r FAST man! wahaha…

*dun deny, cuz its damn obvious.*


Heavy-duty snacking tonight…due to the Euro final! haha:D

 No beer?!!! 

After scheduling & rescheduling, i finally got to watch Kungfu Panda & Get Smart this wk! Both were pretty good..but Get Smart was a tad better, in my opinion.

 Girl-bonding time with Liping!

 The ‘ferris-wheel’ @ Downtown East…its like a Singapore Flyer for kids haha…


Germany vs Spain tonight!!! After tonight, i shall revert to my normal bedtime…no more soccer for me:P

*If your heart is nowhere in it I don’t want it for a minute. Babe, I’ll walk the seven seas when I believe that there’s a reason to write you a love song today.*



If ur feeling down, depressed, disappointed, disheartened, disillusioned…this song might be worth a listen.


握不住的沙放下也罢…i agree most with the last sentence. Sometimes some things r just not worth holding onto.


A somewhat disappointing & tiring day…why is it tiring? Listen to my description and u’ll know…

2.30pm – took bus 579 from my house to Orchard

3.10pm – reached Far East Plaza

*did some shopping, but spent almost 20mins trying to figure out how to get to Wisma. I couldn’t find the mrt exit that led to Wisma since the old one was closed, so i thought i had to jaywalk from outside TANGS shopping centre. super frustrating.

4.15pm – took train to Bishan mrt

4.30pm – took cab from Bishan interchange to casting location.

5.30pm – end of casting. took bus 410 back to Bishan interchange.

6pm – took bus 58 from Bishan all the way to Pasir Ris where i’m supposed to meet my friend.

7.15pm – arrived at pasir ris. but my friend postponed the meeting time to 9pm so i thought i’ll go home first. proceeded to take train back to tampines.

7.30pm – reached tampines interchange. waited half an hour for the damn bus after which i got so pissed i took a cab home instead.

8.15pm – finally hm, tired & hungry. had maggi mee for dinner.

8.45pm – took cab to downtown east to meet my friend for a movie.

….the best part is, we didn’t even get to watch the damn movie!!! There were only front row seats left so what the hell la. We bought tickets for sunday instead:(



Had my favourite buffet @ Tunglok on sunday! $38++, with 50 items on the menu to choose from:P

 I may be carnivorous, but i love my seafood too!

 Chilli crab! But this one’s more spicy than sweet.

 YUM YUM! * FYI, i never peel my own prawns. EVER.

But for the buffet, certain items (the more expensive ones) can only be ordered once, such as the shark’s fin, oysters & chilli crab. I had salmon sashimi, california maki, drunken chicken, roasted duck, sweet & sour pork, calamri, some kind of fish deep fried etc etc. And i have a secret wish which is to actually order all 50 items on the menu one day and finish it. But of course not by myself haha…

Did another shoot today, some of the pictures –

 I like! one of my fave pics of the lot.

 Another shot which i like:)

Plus i get to keep the clothes, though i may not always like ALL the outfits. It’s still a bonus though…which girl wouldn’t like free clothes?

*Dun think we’re okay just because i’m here, you hurt me bad but i won’t shed a tear* – Duffy, Warwick Avenue.


A photo from the recently concluded CommunicAsia…despite my stellar smile, i was actually really cold & tired.

This product i’m carrying is really cool by the way, it’s a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) which folds up into a really compact size. My booth was quite boring cuz most ppl r into the mobile phones but this UMPC attracted alot of ppl…& the dumbest thing is ppl actually ask me if it can make phonecalls. Duh!!!! It’s a UMPC, it’s a computer, not a phone! Does it even look like a phone to u?! 😯

The best reply to all these questions i figured would be – “For more information, pls visit http://www.samsung.com!” 😀





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