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I’m supposed to be working on my grp project…but where’s my motivation & inspiration?!!

I spent the whole day napping away, w/o even eating my lunch. I woke up for dinner & then i watched tv. It’s my idea of a perfect lazy weekend, BUT i’m supposed to finish my presentation slides by tmr nite & i haven’t even started!!! I haven’t even done any research…sigh.

Anyway despite my bitching, i know that by the end of tmr, i would hv completed everything anyway…cuz i always deliver.

*i’m not looking for someone to talk to, i’ve got my friends… i’m more than okay. i’ve got all that a girl could have wished for, i live my dreams but it’s not all they say*


I had the strawberries with vanilla ice-cream + whipped cream flavor yesterday…yummy!


Photo courtesy of my sis, with her lousy photography skills haha (& it’s taken with my new 5mp samsung phone k…)

I’m not the kind of person who lives to eat, i just eat to live. In fact i’m the ‘anything’ type when it comes to food. I would also most definitely NOT be the kind of ppl who hops around the island checking out every restaurant/eatery for gd food. I’m okay with fast food, i’m contented with chicken rice and i lurve milo-peng from any normal kopitiam. That aside, i do hv my favorites & crave certain foods at times, such as

crystal jade xiaolongbao, bak kut teh (from joo chiat), puteri mas durian puffs, old chang kee curry puffs, rochor tau-huay…

But it doesn’t matter what u eat really. When ur with someone u like, i think even fishball noodles would taste extra nice too.







I am a living, breathing human being with feelings. I have emotions – i can feel happy, angry, frustrated, upset, betrayed, hurt etc etc.

Pls dun ever take a living, breathing human being like me for a fool. Or for granted.

*you can take all ur lies back. I dun want them anymore.*


I have to make a confession…

I’m a closet lesbian! I have a list of girls whom i’ll go after if i were lesbian…haha…really, just ask belinda!

Do u know that it’s never too early to start planning & saving for the future? Life insurance aside, it’s impt that we have one or more savings/investment plans that will help secure our future needs. Sorry for sounding like a Prudential or AIA advertisement but i mean it. A person in his/her mid-20s shd probably start on at least one savings cum insurance plan now.

So instead of letting my savings sit in the POSB saving acct & getting like dunno how many percent interest…i decided to meet up with an NTUC financial planner today. But i haven decided whether to sign up for the REVO savings plan or not, because the terms & statistics confuse me & my parents (who went w me) told me not to cuz the returns weren’t gd enough. I can literally see the financial planner’s face fall when i told her i’ll consider first. My father talked abt ‘break-even’ point, ‘depreciation’ etc etc…& i’m like ???? above my head=/ Ur talking to someone who failed her Maths throughout 4 yrs of sec sch so keep it simple!

But i still stress that whoever marries me will be very lucky bcuz i know how to 理财…i will manage the household finances impeccably, meaning the $$$ will be in MY hands & i’ll decide how much allowance to give my husband wahaha….

*Give me one day. Just one day only ok?*




I ditched school today & went to eat xiao long bao @ Crystal Jade instead. Or actually, i went to school, sat thru half an hr of class & then left school.

I’m so tired of classes and projects and exams. I’m tired of striving to excel in every single thing. All the Distinctions & High Distinctions, the desire to get onto the Honor’s roll, to work as hard as possible and earn as much $$ as i can, sometimes i think i set such high expectations for myself & i end up disappointing myself more. Maybe i’m the one screws myself up, who doesn’t know how to be happy because i don’t know the meaning of ‘contentment’.

Have u ever come across those simple-minded sort of ppl who are easily contented & happy? Sometimes i envy these ppl who are in their little bubble, because it seems so much easier to be like them instead. *envy* But i tell myself that bubble’s gonna burst haha.

Welcome to the REAL world.



“I can change. I really will.”

How many times have i said that to myself & failed to do it? Sigh.

What happens in Vegas is basically a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy with the typical ‘i realise i love u in the end’ ending. But there’s nothing bad abt being run-of-the-mill right? Not every movie has to have a fantastic plot with deep insights on political-socio-moral issues or million $ budgets with out-of-the-world CGI effects etc etc.

Sometimes simplicity is a gd thing.

*i bet on u.*








Had such a great day out with Liping today. We went to check out the new cinema at Downtown East today & the place has really changed…nice cinema, arcade, bowling alley and alot of ‘cha chan ting’ and food to eat…We had 石锅拌饭 at this cha chan ting and the food is not bad lor, the 冰奶茶 was nice too. I would certainly go back there to just sit down, talk cock & chill… 

Very tasty! But of course as usual i never finish my rice=/

We went to catch ‘Made of Honor’, which was worth watching mainly because of Patrick Dempsey…he’s so gorgeous!!! Wahaha. As a critic, i would put this down as a typical romantic comedy, but with decent laughs and the predictable storyline was saved by the charms of Patrick Dempsey(absolutely cute!) & Michelle Monaghan (likeable). But as a typical female, i rate the film 4 out of 5 stars- cuz i love this genre, Patrick Dempsey and the emotions it did manage to evoke in me. I admit, i teared a little la!

Gonna watch ‘What happens in Vegas’ tmr…so stay tuned for my 2 cents worth of the movie…



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