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I’m beginning to feel like a student all over again. It’s been a LONG time since i’ve felt this way – call it the post-holiday syndrome, but my next module starts officially in less than a week & i’m dreading it. I dun think i can handle another marketing-related subject!!! The last one nearly killed me=/ Now i remember what it feels like to be a student and relish holiday-time whilst hating the end of it. Sigh.

I haven’t even started on learning rollerblading yet! I need a ‘let’s fall on our asses together’ kaki~anyone? Oh i need a movie kaki too, so many movies i wanna catch too…haha i’m trying to squeeze in as much activity as i can before school begins=(



“glad you know the logic of “taking w/o asking is equivalent to theft”. why not you apply that theory to you tryin’ to steal other people’s bfs/husbands? perhaps that may bring you closer to “what’s illegal IS immoral”.”

To whoever this person is – So would it make things better if i asked “oh can i steal ur bf?” first? An inanimate object cannot be used to compare on the same basis with something as intangible as feelings btwn people in a relationship, so grow up. And if i did steal ur bf/husband – SUE ME if u think u have what it takes to make a legitimate case. On the other hand, what u are doing now IS illegal. I can record ur IP address, go to the high court and sue you for libel. Mind what u say.

At the FHA (short for Food& Hospitality Asia) event yesterday, i saw…UGLY Singaporeans. I dun wish to sterotype, but i saw ‘kiasuism’ portrayed in those aunties & uncles who came in droves, equipped with trolley bags, all ready to grab whatever they could get their hands on. The complimentary pens & lanyards i had @ my counter were all gone in less than half a day – some of these ppl even took more than one, and asked me for more. What the hell. They also went into booths which were left unattended, and just took whatever they wanted!!! How bloody rude & thick-skinned is that?! It’s one thing to be kiasu but another to just take w/o asking – that’s equivalent to theft.

I also saw…UGLY ang-mohs. But these were the exception rather than the norm. Some came to me, said lewd things & asked me to go for ‘dinner & shopping’ with them. Ya right. Just dinner & shopping? no dessert?? I’m not stupid even though i may be a bitch. For the record, i can do dinner and shopping on my own, with my own credit card and i prefer Asian men…Haha!



Of course i take precedence over everything n everyone else. I’m a bitch. ‘Can’t change the way i am, sexy naughty BITCHY me’.

I actually have my own song! Or rather, it’s a song called ‘Amanda’ la. From rock band Boston’s album “3rd Stage”, which was released in 1986.

“Babe, tomorrow’s so far away
There’s something I just have to say
I don’t think I can hide what I’m feelin’ inside
Another day, knowin’ I love you
And I, I’m getting too close again
I don’t want to see it end
If I tell you tonight will you turn out the light
And walk away knowin’ I love you?

I’m gonna take you by surprise and make you realize,
I’m gonna tell you right away, I can’t wait another day,
I’m gonna say it like a man and make you understand
I love you

And I feel like today’s the day
I’m lookin’ for the words to say
Do you wanna be free, are you ready for me
To feel this way
I don’t wanna lose you
So, it may be too soon, I know
The feeling takes so long to grow
If I tell you today will you turn me away
And let me go?
I don’t wanna lose you

I’m gonna take you by surprise and make you realize,
I’m gonna te ll you right away, I can’t wait another day,
I’m gonna say it lik e a man and make you understand

You and I
I know that we can’t wait
And I swear, I swear it’s not a lie girl
Tomorrow may be too late
You, you and I girl
We can share a life together
It’s now or never
And tomorow may be too late

And, feelin’ the way I do
I don’t wanna wait my whole life through
To say I’m in love with you”

XXX commented – “then it’s just disappointing that a person like you actually exist. that you don’t care what’s morally correct & go around hurting other people.and since you don’t care about hurting others & stealing other people’s bf (as accused), qn is will you turn your back on your friends & do the same to them…?”

Princessbiatch only has this to say – “What’s morally correct is subjective. What’s illegal may not be immoral and what’s immoral may not be illegal. Just bcuz i say i dun give a damn abt being ‘nice’ doesn mean i dun give a shit abt hurting other ppl. I just happen to think that sometimes following my instincts & being true to myself takes precedence over worrying what other ppl may think and if anyone disagrees, too bad. And u can always choose NOT to read my blog. I dun practise self-censorship but u can if u want to. Case closed: i will not cont answering ur comments bcuz i dun see y i have to defend myself or my actions to a random stranger.”

Getattachment Eeyuck. My new contact lens look like s**t. They’re supposed to be grey color, but i look like some alien-freak when i wear them. Damn disappointed but i’ll still wear them anyway. Dun wanna waste the $$$. I hope the brown ones will be better=/

FYI: the brand is ‘Maxi-eyes’ & its endorsed by Sun Ho. Lesson learn – never trust celebrity endorsents.

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